Eisha Stephen ES Atieno Odhiambo (1945-2009) was a Fulbright Scholar and Professor of History at the prestigious Rice University (Houston, Texas USA) up until his time of death.

A graduate student under famed Historian , Prof. Bethwell Ogot at the University of Nairobi, Prof. Odhiambo co-authored or edited many history and sociology books of consequence with other prominent national and international historians including his mentor Prof Ogot.

He was the editor (with Cambridge Professor John Lonsdale) of the detail-filled and comprehensive book, “Mau Mau and Nationhood” which showed that the struggle for freedom from the British was a national affair with a strong contribution from each tribe and all corners of the colony. 

His writing and thinking was at loggerheads with the propaganda of the government-of-the-day, leading to his arrest and detention at the infamous Nyayo House torture chambers in 1985 and 1986. He thereafter fled to exile in the United States where he took up teaching at Rice University.

Taken away by a degenerative disease in 2009 at 64, his works will continue to act as references and textbooks on Independent Kenya and Africa’s history for generations to come. Prof. Odhiambo was probably one of the most brilliant and prolific Kenyan historians that many Kenyans never got to know.

Other riveting and insightful books authored/edited by Prof Odhiambo (among many others) include:
~ “Burying SM: The Politics of Knowledge and the Sociology of Power in Africa” ~”The Risks of Knowledge” that looked into the death of Robert Ouko
~”Siaya, The Historical Anthropology of an African Landscape”

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