ELIJAH MASINDE (d.1987) was the founder and prophet of Dini ya Msambwa and freedom fighter who brought the BaBukusu people together in the struggle for independence. For his outspokenness and abrasiveness, he was detained between 1948 and 1960 in remote areas of Lamu and Kapenguria.

He continued to be a voice against injustice even after independence which landed him in more trouble with the government of the day.

According to historians, Dini ya Msambwa extended its influence to other areas including East Pokot through Pokot spiritual leader and freedom fighter Lukas Pkech who was killed by the British during the infamous Kolloa Affray in 1950.

African Initiated Churches played a big role in the struggle for freedom by advocating for the African way of worship and participating in the armed struggle against the colonialists. Wikipedia

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Elijah Masinde: A Biography (Makers of Kenya’s History). May 1998 by Vincent G. Simiyu