Resistance to British Rule by the Somali

In the early 1900s the Somali people mounted resistance against the British, Italians and Menelik II of Ethiopia before the Italians and the British partitioned Somaliland for themselves. In the 1940's local branches of the Somalia Youth League ensured continuous resistance to colonial occupation and rule.

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Patrick Shaw: Hero or Villain?

Loved by his students and hated by criminals in equal measure, Patrick Shaw meted out his form of justice in the streets of Nairobi as a Kenya Police reservist. The debate continues whether this school administrator-by-day and crime-buster-by-night was a hero or a man out of control.

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The Kamba Resistance of 1938

In 1938 the colonial government instituted a plan to reduce the the number of cattle owned by the Kamba community as a soil conservation measure. This did not sit well with the community and led to a successful non-violent rebellion and the formation of UKamba Members Association.

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The aftermath of the Hola massacre was a turning point for British colonial rule due to the negative publicity and outrage it garnered. The British public would no longer be oblivious to the atrocities of colonial rule.

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Pio Gama Pinto (1927-1965) was a Kenyan journalist of Goan descent and a true Kenya hero who has captured the imagination of Kenyans. He was actively involved in the fight for independence and for equality after Kenya gained its independence.

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Dispute for The Ilemi Triangle, Kenya’s other Migingo Island

The Ilemi Triangle is a historically volatile strip of land at the Northwest tip of the Kenyan Border with South Sudan and Ethiopia. A quiet dispute exists between Kenya and South Sudan on its ownership.The Turkana and Dassanech tribes have been fighting for the Triangle's grazing rights since pre-colonial times. Rumors of oil deposits will only make make the future more perilous.

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